Good Day to you all

This post will be the foundation of my music business. I plan to detail my artwork, it's consumption ability and who I am.

I'm just a man with a music program, beats, and lyrics. I love sports and the sociology of it. Love hiphop and I can actually rap. I also like to make beats. Other than that I like to make people laugh...

Don't be afraid to reach out to me. Please comment or follow me on social media TheRealA_Jay, facebook at Feel free to shoot me and email as well.

Top tracks are Confessions and Stakes is High from the Confessions Mixtape. Enjoy free downloads from the  "Confessions" Mixtape at As well as a courtesy track from my album "Blood of a Slave, Heart of a King" track titled "Respect" here on in the Music Downloads tab. 

You can stream most of My Mixtape Confessions at 

You can purchase all of the songs from "Blood of Slave, Heart of a King" at the music downloads tab right here at Commune Community. 

Any contributions or album proceeds will go to the $35,000 worth of Student loan debt I amassed while attending school that I wasn't informed about until after I graduated as well as basic needs to make a living.

contributions and proceeds will also contribute to my future projects including future creative projects. 

I will show how much I have earned on a weekly basis and the goal is to get a million.

Once I hit this mark I vow to donate a quarter of my proceeds to Charitable organization Childfund International.

Proceeds will be used to help start up and fund financial institutions in areas with low socio-economic status, as well as education programs and facilities.

They also will be used to invest in various financial assets that for the greater good of humanity that supporting true humanitarian issues to promote prosperity of health and wellness world wide as well projects and business that do the same.

My short term goal is to raise $150 for the proper business licensing as well as another $220 for a Trademark to protect that business name and brand.

I am a open book so I plan to provide updates on all this. Salute to all patrons and fellow righteous creators. Visit for exclusive content such as podcast and write ups.

When you visit the site if you don't mind to visit the content page. Please send a brief message with providing your contact info for a mailing list, as well as any thoughts you think I would like to hear or just telling me about yourself.

Don't be afraid to browse other content on the site and interact with comments.


One Peace One Love