The Oscar Snub You Didn't Know About

Good day, These post is truly dedicated to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and its tax partners responsible for the mishap Power Waterhouse Cooper. @TheAcademy @PwC_LLP and @PwC as they are known on twitter. 

I watched your awards show this past Sunday and I was entertained. However there are underlying issues that need to be address which it seems everyone has overlooked. I can’t help but to believe that the popularized best picture mix up of Moonlight, a predominantly black movie that won best picture, was staged and here’s why....

Instead of rightfully taking the blame @TheAcademy for the mishap you delegated the wrong doing by @PwC_LLP...

I blame your legal teams for responsibility. 

That being said another clear travesty which you both neglected to rectify was the choice for best documentary.

O.J. Made in America won the category and where the documentary was the first of its kind spanning 7 hours in a 5 part format courtesy of @ESPN but was no where as culturally as relevant as @13THFilm

Here’s something you might not know about the film. In order for that film to be made there was a lot of history that had to be found which is not readily available especially for the film maker’s background. If you wanted a more social and culturally relevant story that is literally changing millions of lives everyday around the world there couldn’t possibly have been any other choice for best documentary but I’m sure your lawyers know that.

What else I’m sure your lawyers know is that one of @TheAcademy initial lawyers, who by the way has a statue in the middle of Times Square in Manhattan, New York, made a reputation for himself in the entertainment industry writing MINSTREL shows which not only degraded black people, but a huge reason why the @13THFilm was extremely relevant in the first place.  

@TheAcademy you should be ashamed for not bringing to light a documentary that truly was a revolutionary breakthrough not just American History but world history. The facts presented in that film impact how black people or people of color in America are subjected to living in systems of unethical justice corruption and mental health negligent ignorance by the healthcare system.

@PwC_LLP legal team knows this and you @TheAcademy should be ashamed... These are internationally criminal offenses @IntlCrimCourt. I don’t know how big your legal teams are big I would guess too big or void of ethnic diversity to be able to realize this is not a black issue but a people issue that will create a cultural divide in our future that will lead to a disgruntled domestic and foreign community or even worst, catastrophe through national, colonial, capitalistic ideals of our past we have already fallen victim too as a species.

 Movies shape everyday lives around the globe. From the kid who’s alone because his parents work all the time to the doctor with his family just trying to enjoy free time. They tell stories that inspire people to create engineering marvels that impacts the entire globe in ways that will enhance everyday lives and well simply put what @violadavis said in her speech.

In a world riddled with poverty not only in the United States but especially abroad in developing nations changing the mindset of mainstream ideals in the name of ethics and morality will take us all a long way.


One Peace One Love